tl;dr: Couched Expectations, Rough As Guts Interview Attempts (Kidding!) & Four Other Loose Units
tl;dr: This Neuesletter Turned One!, Shaking Strangers (Not Their Hands) and Four Supplementary Exploits
tl;dr: Flirtatious Mermaids, Loquacious Motorcyclists, and Four Other Things
tl;dr: Allusions of Grandeur, Opinions Ayn Rand Wouldn't Like and Four Equally Average Adulations
tl;dr: The Only Email Not Talking About Snow, Björk and Four Other Common Nouns
tl;dr: One Cent, Two Cents, Three Cents, and Four Other Pieces of Jangling Pocket Metal
tl;dr: Asymmetrical Ears, Cartoon Heads and Four Things Beyond That
tl;dr: Red Buttons, Suspended Disbelief and Four Additional Things
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